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Greenagrotech CEO Message

Reliable partner of farmers who are leading eco-friendly agriculture!!

Welcome to the website of Green Agrotech, the one who opens the
future of eco-friendly agriculture in Korea with winning strategies
one step ahead of the times

Thank you for
visiting Green Agrotech.

We promise to become the reliable partner of farmers who are leading eco-friendly agriculture

Today, consumers are more interested in eco-friendly agricultural products than ever before. Now, it is difficult to survive in this market with conventional farming methods that rely on pesticides only. We assist farmers in starting eco-friendly agriculture easily from the beginning. In addition, we are making ceaseless efforts to develop the most effective eco-friendly products for our customers.

Green Agrotech's major products include a pheromone trap that captures pests using sex pheromone. In addition, we produce/supply eco-friendly agricultural materials for fruit trees and outdoor agriculture, including insect pollinators (buff-tailed bumblebee) and insect traps that support the pollination of crops when it is hard to achieve naturally. In addition, we are doing our best to develop new eco-friendly products by applying innovative technologies.

Our life and future depend on eco-friendly agriculture.”

(With this objective in mind, all of us will do our best to supply eco-friendly agricultural materials that can support the production of eco-friendly agricultural products that our family can safely enjoy.
Thank you.

CEO, Man-wung Park