Product Overview

IT-pheromone Trap

Product overview

A device for collecting data on pests using
insect pheromones in order to send the data
and results to the user wirelessly

IT-pheromone Trap System

Hardware System Schematic


Communications and Information Sharing System


Application of the IT-pheromone Trap to Forests


Structure and Functions of the IT-pheromone Trap

System Operation Flow


Pheromone release
and pest capture

Disposal of
captured pests

Wireless data

Receiving server
DB construction

DB processing

Sharing of the
processed DB

System classification Structure Function
Power supply unit Solar device, storage battery
AC power
· Supplies power using solar heat
· Secures power through a storage battery
· Supplies power by wire to a site where AC power is secured
Sensor unit Camera
(Image sensor)
· Releases the pheromone of the target pest using the pheromone dispenser
· Detects and notifies the user of the
  pest attracted by the pheromone and
  caught in the trap using the camera (7 million pixels)
Communication and
control unit
Short video transmission
Battery control and notification
Communication device
· Transmits the capture signal received through
  the image sensor to the central image
  processing unit
· Performs communication via LTE
· Manages the battery level
· Sends an alert when a problem occurs
Central image
processing unit
Realization of live video through wired/wireless
Thumbnail image output control
Demonstration program
· Receives and processes data for classification,
  identification of number of objects, etc.
· Transmits the obtained data via the Web and
  SMS on a regular basis

IT-Pheromone Trap (Eco i trap) System - Information Transmission

Internet access (
Mobile phone (text message)

Provides monitoring data on pests caught in traps, recording/archiving services for yearly
and accumulated pest control data, weather data (temperature/humidity) and storage of
cumulative data, information to help determine when to control pests based on monitoring analysis.