Product Overview

Light Trap for a Facility

Product overview

Ecowing pest trap is an eco-friendly insect trap that controls the density of pests by attracting and capturing a large number of phototatic insects using a dual lamp of 360~425nm. In particular, the Ecowing is used not only at night but also during the daytime with a pheromone that attracts insects to control pests more effectively.


· Power: DC 12V, 10W/ hour
· Fan: DC fan/ escape prevention dual fan 3W
· Lamp: Black and blue dual lamp (360~425nm) 3W
· Lamp: Black and blue dual lamp (360~425nm) 3W
· Size: 470*460*470(h) without legs

Target Pests

· Any flying pests attracted to light at night
· Target pests attracted to the trap by pheromones

Installation Area

1 unit/1,600~2,000㎡ approx.

Product Features

Attracts and captures pests over a wide area with bright dual-LED light wavelengths
Doubles the effects of attracting target pests using pheromones
Automatic night operation by the light sensor
Uses a wide and powerful fan to capture pests 24/7
Use of safe DC current

※Please note that the adapter is not waterproof.

Examples of the installation

Installation in an orchard (1)
Installation in an orchard (2)
Installation in a livestock house
Pests captured in the trap

How to Assemble

· Stand the product and connect it to power using the adapter.
· With the light sensor the trap is automatically activated when the sun goes down.

How to Clean and Store

· Be sure to unplug before cleaning the trap.
· When cleaning the trap, do not use benzene, thinner, alcohol, etc. (The surface of the trap may be altered or deformed.)
· Be careful not to get moisture on the parts that are electrically conductive (e.g. a motor, plug, etc.) (There is a risk of electric shock or fire)
· When cleaning the light trap, first clean the parts where pests are attached with a dry brush. Next, wipe the trap with a soft cloth moistened with soapy water or synthetic detergent. Then, wipe it with a cloth soaked in clear water not to leave any bubbles. In particular, if you clean the wing and the inside of the trap body, you can extend the life of the trap.
· Wipe off the moisture with a dry cloth.
· After cleaning, pack the trap in a box and store it in a dry place.

Precautions for Use

· On days with a typhoon or strong winds, it is recommended to secure the product or move it to a safe place.
· If the product is not working well, do not attempt to disassemble it, but rather ask for professional help.
· We shall not be responsible for any failure caused by random modification or remodeling of the product (customer service is not available).
· The life of the lamp is 20,000 hours, but there may be variations depending on weather and humidity. In particular, if you use a third-party product, it may cause malfunction.
· The warranty period of the product is one year.

Do not use any voltage other than 220V (when charging with external power)
Random repair/disassembly prohibited
No contact with water.
Watch out for the motor and fan
Turn off the power when it rains