Product Overview


Product overview

· Sprays over a large area in a short time
· Increase work efficiency and convenience
· Great effects with a small amount of application
· Minimizes contact with chemical

Parts of the fogger

How to Use

· Fill the fogger with undiluted solution, and connect the butane gas.
· Check for gas release by turning on the gas valve, and press the ignition button.
· When the burner is heated, smoke comes out of the nozzle (smoke agent). After 30 seconds of heating, hold the handle to release smoke.
· Five seconds after the smoke comes out, turn the small cap (aerosol agent) on the top 3~4 times.
· When moving, pump lightly.
· When the amount of spray decreases, pump faster.
· If the undiluted solution comes out during application, use it after reheating

Precautions for Use/ Storage

· Avoid inhalation of smoke as much as possible during use.
· It is more effective if applied at sunset (when there is no sun).
· Time for effective application may differ for each kind of pest.
· Do not spray when the temperature in the facility is above 25°C.
· Do not spray directly on crops.
· Keep the product away from fire.
· Never turn the product over.

Ajirangi, Haemu

Product Volume Ingredients Formulation Target Target pest
Ajirangi 2L -Orange oil
-Azadirachta indica leaf extract
Aerosol -Crops in a facility
-Mushroom farm
-Livestock house
-Outdoor facility, etc.
-Bemisia tabaci
-Greenhouse whitefly
-Adult fungus gnat
Haemu 400ml Plant extract Smoke Crops in a facility -Mite
-Cabbage butterfly larvae

Tip : When controlling pests in livestock sheds and outdoor facilities such as flies, mosquitoes, and ants, you can dilute 30~50ml of The Zone Killer to increase the control effects.

Ajirangi and Haemu applicable to 3000~5000 m2

Precautions for Storage

· After use, close the gas valve and then the aerosol valve.
· After pumping 5~ 6 times, make sure that no smoke comes out of the nozzle (Pump with the handle until the liquid smoke material comes out.)
· When not in use for a long period of time, pour water into the aerosol container and use the fogger for 5 minutes. Then, pump it until water vapor comes out, not the chemical.
· Remove the gas container and store the fogger in a safe place.