Product Overview

CHUNGMOA Stink Bug Trap

Product overview

A control method for attracting and capturing riptortus clavatus (bean bug) of both sexes together using aggregation pheromones

How to Install

Install the trap at a height of about 1.5 m from the ground, at intervals of 50 m around the edge of the field, and 2-3 m apart from the crops. The trap can function more effectively if it is not exposed to direct sunlight and installed as shown in the figure so that the wind blows toward the orchard through the trap.


Precautions for installation

· When using the pheromones and trap, you should be well-informed of how and when to use them and how much (or many) to use. In particular, if you use this product for the first time, you need to receive training/guidance on the product from the supplier's technical staff, technical center, research institute, etc.
· If a large number of stink bugs are captured in a specific section, it can be deemed as a good environment for the bugs to live in, so additional traps should be installed to block the entry route of the pests.
· The remaining effective period may vary depending on the type of pests, topography, temperature, wind, etc.
· The lid should never be opened as the lure is released slowly with the lid closed.
· Please familiarize yourself with how to use the lure before use

How to Assemble


· How to assemble the pheromone basket