Product Overview


Product overview

· Made from natural sulfur
· No sulphate, which stresses crops
· Control of damage by fungi/ early growth management
· Control of fungal diseases without developing a tolerance!
· Suitable for all crops such as fruit trees, fruits/vegetables, and leafy vegetables

Features of Hwanggane

· Hwanggane can be applied to over-wintered fruit trees and during the entire growing season of vegetables.
· Hwanggane is an atomized product, which is non-irritating to the eyes, nose, and skin, harmless to the human body. It is easy to use and highly efficient.
· Hwanggane creates a uniform film on the surface especially when sprayed before germination. It is absorbed easily through water veins, improving disease/pest resistance.


Water solubility test for Hwanggane

Sulfur has been widely used as a disinfectant for a long time, but it has the disadvantage of being insoluble. However, Hwanggane is water-soluble sulfur and dissolves easily in water veins, improving immunity of fruit trees during the winter season.

Water solubility test for Hwanggane

How to Use

Time to apply Applications Target pests
Fruit trees

Before germination 1-2 times

Several times
After germination 20㎖
Entire growing season 10-20㎖
Powdery mildew and gray mold

Precautions for Use/ Storage

· Avoid mixing with lime sulfur or Bordeaux mixture.
· Avoid spraying the product in high temperature (28°C or above).
· When mixed with Fungi Lock, synergy effects can be expected.
· Shake well before use.