Product Overview

Fungi Lock

Product Overview

· Natural wax coating that protects crops
· Prevents cold/hot weather damage and dehiscent fruit
· Excellent effects in preventing fungal infection/spread

Features of Fungi Lock

· Prevention of cold-weather damage (Dec to Mar) - Apply before/after flowering
· Prevention of hot-weather damage (Jun~Aug) - A protective layer of wax against strong sunlight (heat waves, high temperatures), excessive heat, and direct sunlight
· Prevention of dehiscent fruits - Apply before rain to prevent excessive moisture absorption
· Excellent effects in preventing fungal infection/spread
· Duration of pesticides prolonged despite rain when mixed with pesticides

Benefits of Fungi Lock

1,000-times diluted Fungi Lock, cross-section of the protective film of wax, thickness of 0.178mm
Maintaining moisture of crops in high temperature, repelling bacterial virus, and extending duration of pesticides
Prevention of hot-weather damage
Prevention of dehiscent fruits
Prevention of cold-weather damage

※ During the rainy season, it prevents excessive absorption of water and dehiscent fruits.
※ The protective film of wax is photodegraded after 2-3 weeks and does not remain. Machine oil and paraffin oil do not decompose easily and induce hot-weather damage.

How to Use

Target crops

All crops
(Fruit trees, fruits and vegetables, vegetables)

When to use

Through the entire growth period (frequently)

How to use

Dilute the product at a ratio of 1:1,000 (20ml in 20ℓ of water) and spray on leaves
(*At a ratio of 1:500 ~ 1:1,000 during heatwaves or cold waves)

Precautions for Use/ Storage

· Keep the product from freezing.
· When the product is diluted in water, it may solidify if the water temperature is very low.